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Xerox Business Consortium Forum 2008 - Madrid Xerox Business Solutions Europe held its most recent Partners and developers forum at the corporate office in Madrid on January the 30th and 31st 2008.

Run Time: 3 Minutes 49 Seconds
Presented By: Francesco Pignatti
Recording Date: Feb 15, 2008

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The event provided more than 70 participants including Xerox Alliance Partners, XAP managers, EIP experts, Xerox US and Xerox EU. All European Xerox Alliance Partners managers attended the event involving the representation of 16 countries.

The Xerox’s pan-European solution ecosystem has showed to be remarkably dynamic and proactive in understanding the value and importance of the Extensible Interface Platform and its impact in generating new business opportunities and industry partnerships. 

Besides, this year forum has proposed two parallel pan-European events to further strengthen this ecosystem:

- A training event for elite solution sales personnel to accelerate the selling of EIP and maximize the business opportunities
- A customer event to increase customers’ awareness of Xerox solutions portfolio and stimulate customers’ feedback and proposal on solutions and vertical applications



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