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InfoCasts FAQ

What are InfoCasts

Infocasts are a new deliverable offered to our clients that provide a more dynamic and rich delivery format to enhance our research and analysis content offerings.  An InfoCast deliverable will usually be an audio and/or video formatted file that you can listen/view on your PC or portable music device.  InfoTrends will deliver these in a number of formats to provide maximum compatibility with your system.  See below for an explanation of the various formats, what popular players and plug-in's will run these formats and how to get the free viewing/listening software for your platform.  Click on any of the icons to download that particular player.

Audio Only Format

Our audio only format is presented in an mp3 format which is compatible with many of today's most popular players and portable music devices including iTunes, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Media Player and more.

Enhanced Audio Format 

Enhanced audio format is compatible with  and  players on both the PC and Macintosh computers.  Enhanced audio includes slides or images as part of the audio stream to enhance the listening experience with visual content.  Both iTunes and Quicktime are free downloads.


Videocasts are also compatable with  and  players.  Videocasts provide full motion video and audio as part of it's content.

Flash Format

Adobe flash player is a common plug-in for Windows and Macintosh platforms.  Flash offers some enhanced control and animation features not found in enhanced audio formats and is a popular format for publishing dynamic presentations.

WMV/WMA Format

Windows media format is the preferred format for the Windows Media player which comes built-in to most Windows based systems.  The windows media player can play most popular audio and video formats and is also a free download.


How to subscribe to InfoCasts via iTunes or RSS Reader

and many popular RSS readers like NetNewsWire, FeedDemon and even Outlook 2007 support subscribing to RSS Feeds and podcasts.  When you subscribe to a RSS/podcast your player/aggregator will periodically check our feed for new or updated InfoCasts and automatically download these to your player and allow you to listen or even sync this content to your portable music player.  The bottom of every InfoCast page contains links to the various formats RSS feeds should you want to subscribe.




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