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Multi-Channel Communications: Understanding the Benefits

(Weymouth, MA) July 21, 2008. . .According to a new report from InfoTrends entitled Customized Communications: Multi-Channel Communications, it is imperative that suppliers of multi-channel communications solutions understand the benefits that these solutions afford their print service provider customers and communicate those advantages in the selling process. By implementing multi-channel offerings, print service providers can gain access to the more lucrative marketing value chain, making the transition from a print service provider to a marketing service provider. Multi-Channel Communications also bring print service providers new opportunities for valued-added services while driving increased volume to digital presses.

Print service providers that incorporate Multi-Channel Communications into their offerings can also benefit from several new revenue streams. In addition to increased profits generated by selling higher margin solutions, print service providers can charge fees for the following services:

  • Data preparation and hygiene
  • Customer engagement strategy consultation
  • List acquisition
  • pURL “click” charges
  • Landing page and e-mail design
  • Project management
  • Print design and VDP composition
  • Beta testing
  • Campaign management

It is also important that solution vendors understand the benefits these offerings bring to marketers so they can provide their print service provider customers with insight into selling Multi-Channel Communications. This will increase the print service provider’s confidence in their ability to sell Multi-Channel offerings, consequently increasing the chance that they will purchase such a solution.

According to Laureen Chudzinski, a Director at InfoTrends, “As facilitators, it is often tempting for print service providers to focus on the technology when engaging their clients in a dialog about Multi-Channel Communications. From the marketer’s perspective, however, that is really secondary. Successful sales conversations should focus on the value that multi-channel communications bring to the marketer and not the technology. Print service providers must understand and articulate the many benefits of these solutions to their clients and highlight their value as a provider of such. Educating them on how to do this will largely fall upon the solution vendors they have partnered with.”

This insightful report provides a clear definition of Multi-Channel Communications as well as real-world examples of successful Multi-Channel Communications campaigns. It outlines the key characteristics of potential candidates for multi-channel solutions and identifies the benefits that these solutions afford marketers and print service providers. A representative listing of Multi-Channel Communications solutions is also included.

For more information about this report or to make a purchase, visit our online store or contact Jennifer Skerrett at ext. 111 or via e-mail at .

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