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Multi-Channel Communications Offer Benefits to Print Service Providers and Marketers

(Weymouth, MA) July 10, 2008 . . . It is clear that print service providers have much to gain from implementing multi-channel communications solutions. By adding multi-channel communications products and services to your portfolio, you can integrate your operation into your client’s marketing infrastructure and participate in the more lucrative marketing value-chain. Marketing executives are actively searching for solutions to help them gain increased customer knowledge, help improve direct marketing results, and quantify those results. Print service providers can fulfill that need by adding multi-channel communications to new or existing variable data applications.

With multi-channel offerings, print service providers have new opportunities for value added services, while driving increased volume to digital presses at the same time. In addition, print service providers who begin delivering Multi-Channel solutions benefit from several new revenue streams. In addition to increased profits generated by selling higher margin solutions, print service providers can charge fees for the following services:

  • Data preparation and hygiene
  • Customer engagement strategy consultation
  • List acquisition
  • personalized URL “click” charges
  • Landing page and e-mail design
  • Project management
  • Print design and VDP composition
  • Beta-testing
  • Campaign assessment sessions

According to Barb Pellow, Group Leader at InfoTrends, “It is important that print service providers also understand and communicate the benefits that these solutions can provide to their customers. Fundamentally, Multi-Channel solutions are relevant, effective, and measurable. They provide marketers with the ability to communicate with their customers in a relevant and effective manner that is not only personalized to the recipient, but also provides a means for measuring success and generating qualified leads.” She continued, “These solutions enable marketers to establish a dialogue with customers via multiple touchpoints while collecting valuable customer data for use in future campaigns.”

InfoTrends’ new report, Customized Communications: Multi-Channel Communications, provides further detail on the benefits that these solutions afford to marketers, which print service providers can leverage in the selling process. It also discusses key components that must be in place before incorporating multi-channel communications into your offerings and outlines the characteristics of a successful multi-channel campaign. The report offers real-world examples of multi-channel campaigns as well as a representative listing of multi-channel communications solutions.

For more information about this report or to make a purchase, visit our online store or contact Jennifer Skerrett at ext. 111 or via e-mail at .


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