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OEM vs. Aftermarket: Who is “Greener”?

One of the perceived benefits of a Managed Print Services engagement is the “greening” of an organization. MPS means less pages printed, less supplies used, and, therefore, less of an impact on the environment. In InfoTrends latest study – Managed Print Services Impact on Supplies – we asked how users and providers regarded OEM and aftermarket toner supplies in regards to environmental initiatives. The results were initially very surprising. Users and providers very much agree that OEM is better than third-party.

Do you regard OEMs or third-party toner/supplies brands as better
on the “green” issue?

N = 157
Source: InfoTrends MPS Supplies Provider Survey (Q19)

When considering the “green” issue, what is your opinion about OEM
versus third-party toner?

N = 304
Source: InfoTrends MPS Supplies End-user Survey (Q38)

The side of the aftermarket that gets by far the most attention is the remanufacturing market. For HP and similarly complex laser printer cartridges, remanufacturers strongly claim the green benefits of reusing supplies. Nevertheless, remanufacturers largely focus on remanufacturing OEM cartridges and not remanufacturing previously remanufactured cartridges. The market for empty remanufactured cartridges is small and few cartridge collectors desire to collect remanufactured cartridges.

Beyond remanufacturing, a large portion of the aftermarket is new build and not remanufactured. That holds for the simpler laser cartridges as well as for most copier toners. In the case of aftermarket, there is very little effort by aftermarket suppliers to collect and recycle their empty cartridges, kits, or bottles. On the other hand, OEM collections for recycling cross the range from complex toner cartridges to simpler versions and even to bottles. Essentially all OEMs have collections plans for their toner cartridges.

The preceding is an excerpt from InfoTrends newest multi-client study entitled Managed Print Services Impact on Supplies. To learn more about this report or to make a purchase, contact Scott Phinney at ext. 123 or via e-mail at .


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