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TransPromo 101: The Basics

What is TransPromo?

When it comes to leveraging the transaction document touchpoint, opportunities abound for companies of all sizes. Combining transactional information with promotional, educational, informational, and other messaging on the face of that document is called transpromotional messaging, or “TransPromo.” While the term suggests “promotional,” the application is much broader.

Transaction documents can be used to cross-sell new products or services to existing clients. If you have a homeowners‟ policy, your insurance agent may wish to cross-sell a life insurance policy. The bank that you have your checking account with would like to get your home and car loan business. Retailers are continually exploring cross-selling options for a variety of goods and services.

Today‟s marketers are also leveraging statements, invoices, and notifications to enhance loyalty by providing other valued information. Transaction documents can integrate relevant educational information. For example, healthcare providers are using statements as tools to promote wellness and communicate the potential cost savings of using generic drugs.

Transaction documents can be blended with what many people categorize as loyalty-building, custom publishing solutions. Life insurance providers can integrate statements with custom articles on the benefits of specific types of annuities. Financial advisors can provide custom-published retirement advice with 401K statements. Additionally, savvy marketers are seeking list access to promote their products through notifications and incorporating value-added coupons. 

The Right Offer for the Right Recipient

TransPromo is directed at someone you supposedly know. Marketers need to take advantage of that relationship, but in a way that is relevant and makes sense to the consumer. It would not make sense to send a home equity loan offer to an apartment dweller, nor would you start promoting a new car model to a customer that had signed a lease three weeks ago. TransPromo means using the data intelligence you already have, and appending externally-sourced information (if necessary) to create a relevant, meaningful offer or message.

Once you have the right list data, the next most important element is the offer. Again, the offer needs to be relevant to the recipient. It should have a sense of immediacy so you can measure its effectiveness. It should be a differentiator that sets you apart from your competitors. Finally it should be clear, easy to understand, and easy to respond to.

The presentation of the offer is almost as important as the offer itself. In a statement redesign, you must consider how to balance the placement and allotment of space between transactional and promotional messaging. From this perspective, TransPromo is similar to how direct mail pieces are designed. It starts with a message that is geared toward your audience and is complemented by a highly visible and compelling offer. It should contain a call to action and provide a means to follow through on that action. As with direct mail, it is important to consider color, typography, and the overall layout.

The preceding is an excerpt from a report entitled TransPromo 101: The Basics. To learn more about this report, visit our online store or contact Robyn Wuori at ext. 103 or e-mail .


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