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Integrated Marketing Campaigns a Must in Today’s Market

The Internet has introduced new channels for marketing and created new consumer behaviors. To achieve the highest level of effectiveness, marketers need to reach customers via print, Web, and e-mail. By tying them all together in an integrated campaign, they have the ability to collect more customer data for use in the next stage, track responses with personalized URLs, and learn which media is most likely to get a response from each contact for more successful, cost-effective follow-ups.

The integrated marketing campaign starts with mail. It could be a printed direct mail piece or an e-mail. The document must be designed to attract attention. If it is strictly being sent electronically, designers need to ensure that it can be opened by the individual’s browser. Using appealing color and unique sizes (for printed pieces) is important, but the most critical aspect of any direct mail campaign is the actual offer intended to drive the recipient to the next step. The offer is typically presented as a link to a personalized URL. The campaign's Mail File (list of direct mail recipients) is used to generate Personalized URLs for each recipient. These PURLs are then woven within the direct mail piece, along with other variable data.

When the recipients type their PURLs into a browser, they arrive on personalized Web pages (landing pages or VIP pages) populated with copy, images, and offers that are also based on customer data. These are frequently termed microsites. PURL Web pages can be as simple or advanced as the needs of a marketing program dictate. From there, the measurement and reporting of results begins.

Once the individual has linked into the personalized URL, creative marketers can gather additional data about the prospect. The offer strategy should be designed to entice the respondent to complete a brief survey or provide data relative to interests and needs. The objective is to ensure a high level of interaction with the prospect.

Systems available in the market today include built-in tracking to enable continuous monitoring of the campaign’s progress as customers enter their personalized pages and provide additional relevant information. Campaign response rates, visitor response patterns, and detailed lead information can be available at all times as the campaign unfolds. Because systems are template driven, adjustments to messaging and offers can be done in a matter of hours versus days. This allows marketers to make changes in the campaign in near-real-time based on results they are seeing. Reports can be generated so the marketing executive can share the impact of critical marketing programs with the entire management team.

By targeting customers with a highly relevant and personalized message and integrating that message across media channels, companies are finding that they can capture the attention of customers and generate impressive results. Communication in a cross media environment is becoming a force multiplier in driving the customer relationship. 

The preceding is an excerpt from an InfoTrends report entitled, “Marketing Campaign Management: The Next Level of Value-Added Services.” To learn more about the report or to make a purchase, please contact Jennifer Skerrett at +1 ext. 111 or .

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