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Digital Imaging Lifestyles: Digital Imaging in an Era of Excess

Growth Expected in Photo Imaging Services

According to a new groundbreaking report from InfoTrends, the future remains bright for individual imaging vendors that are prepared to help move consumers to the next stage in digital photography, which is characterized not only by photo capturing and printing but also by robust “manage and share” solutions.

Sharing is still the top reason why people take photos. E-mail remains the most prevalent method of sharing, as 3 billion images were shared via e-mail in the US in 2006. Factoring in sharing conducted via Web sites, social networks, and MMS. Well over 8 billion images were shared during the last calendar year, and a healthy compound annual growth rate of over 8% is expected through 2011.

The report shows a strong correlation between the use of the Web and satisfaction with digital imaging. The research also identifies distinct differences in imaging behavior by demographics and psychographic attributes. For example, consumers younger than 25 years old engage in more sharing activities; those older than 45 are more concerned with the storage and preservation of their memories; and those between 25 and 44 are prime candidates for participating in all aspects of the digital imaging ecosystem.

Figure 1: Percentage of Images Shared per Year by Age Group

Personal computers and laptops are still viewed by consumers as the primary mechanisms for viewing and editing photos, but InfoTrends’ forecasts indicate that the use of the TV as an image-viewing device will rise over the course of the forecast period. Prints will remain an important part of the market, but there are significant differences in print activity by age of consumer.

Figure 2: Percentage of People Viewing Photos by Device

The new digital imaging ecosystem offers many opportunities for product and service vendors, assuming that open standards and systems will prevail. Understanding how many people and images are involved in any given activity can help vendors focus their efforts and identify future business partners.

As the digital photography market matures, we expect that monetization will occur beyond capture and print: there will be more focus on enabling services rather than just selling products. Imaging activities will include the creation, sharing, and consumption of user generated content. The business model will revolve around the ecosystem, and the Internet will play a central role in connecting all the pieces.

The preceding is an excerpt from InfoTrends’ reports entitled “Digital Imaging Lifestyles: Digital Imaging in an Era of Excess.” To learn more about the reports or to make a purchase, contact Matt O’Keefe at +1 ext. 115 or .

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