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Office Color: Accelerating Demand & Maximizing Profits


InfoTrends believes that colour presents a critical window of opportunity that can enable office equipment vendors and distributors to gain share and establish new sources of revenue in an increasingly competitive market. InfoTrends new study, “Office Color: Accelerating Demand & Maximizing Profits” provides companies with in-depth research and analysis to guide their product development, pricing, marketing, and distribution strategies.

As part of the study, InfoTrends spoke with 1,062 office equipment decision-makers across North America and Europe. The study also included conjoint analysis, a powerful research technique to understand the relative value and trade-offs customers make for different product features and price points. The report is designed to help manufacturers and distributors of office copying and printing equipment optimize their product planning and marketing activities.

The study results indicate that customers are very interested in color printers, MFPs, and UCPs, and appear poised to purchase them instead of traditional black & white devices in the future. It also identifies market segments, critical success factors, customer requirements, usage patterns, purchase plans, and other items that will drive product, service, marketing, and sales activities of vendors. Research was conducted in North America and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.).

Color Technology Transforming the Workgroup Environment

Color printers, printer MFPs, and UCPs are the most important class of products for the office workgroup. InfoTrends projects that placements of black & white office printers and copiers are peaking, and will decline over the next five years as office color machines become the dominant products in most product segments. Vendors that do not have an aggressive color strategy will lose market share and consumables revenues.

Research findings strongly suggest that vendors should shift their development resources towards color printers and UCP (universal copier/printer) devices and away from new, clean-sheet designs of conventional monochrome devices. The focus of any new black & white product developments should be on further reducing costs, not on adding features.
Vendors need to have a full line of color printers and UCP devices over the next 12 to 18 months.  We believe that the early movers have been gaining market share, achieving price premiums from early adopters, and garnering important experience in product design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Vendors that are selling color printers and MFPs should invest in additional marketing to help increase awareness and break customer misconceptions about color in the office. Many customers believe that color printers and copiers for the office are expensive and slow.

When InfoTrends asked respondents why the color copier/printer was not the most used device, the results by region were fairly consistent, with high cost per page being the top reason in North America (57%) as well as Europe (70%). The second most cited reason was slow speed (25% in North America, 35% in Europe), and the third most cited reason was high equipment cost (28% in North America, 29% in Europe).

Vendors need to emphasize the speed, low equipment prices, and improvements to a document that can be associated with color printers and copiers. Vendors should also market the ability to control color costs through network-based software.

The preceding is an excerpt from InfoTrends’ report entitled “Office Color: Accelerating Demand & Maximizing Profits.” The complete document is available immediately. To learn more about the report or to make a purchase, visit our online store or contact Scott Phinney  at +1 , ext. 123 or .

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