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Outdoor Graphics: Future Equipment Purchasing Plans

Earlier this year, InfoTrends/CAP Ventures teamed up with Wide Format Imaging Magazine to determine where the outdoor graphics market is headed, who the key players are, and how these graphics are being produced. 226 Web-based surveys were completed by magazine subscribers.

Current Equipment Owned

When asked to indicate which types of wide format printing equipment they currently have installed, aqueous inkjet was the most popular among respondents, accounting for 52.2% of responses. This is not surprising given the relative newness of alternative ink technologies. Solvent inkjet was the second most popular response, registering in at 35.8%.

Figure 1: Which of the following types of wide format printers do you have?

N = 226

Overall, the respondents that participated in our survey reported owning an average of 3.4 wide format printers. An average of 1.2 of these printers were used for producing outdoor applications.

Future Purchasing Plans

30% of respondents expect to purchase a new wide format printing device for producing outdoor graphics within the next 12 months. We asked those respondents that plan on acquiring a new printer to indicate which type of device they will most likely purchase. The most common response among our survey participants was solvent inkjet equipment, which is not surprising since solvent inkjet devices eliminate the need for expensive coated substrates. These devices also offer fine image durability, even for outdoor graphics.

Figure 2: Which type of digital wide format printer will you most likely purchase for producing outdoor graphics?

UV-curable equipment was also common, cited by 21.2% of respondents. Another 9.6% planned to invest in eco-solvent inkjet devices, and InfoTrends/CAP Ventures expects demand for these products to increase in the future as eco-solvent vendors make it possible to use uncoated media.

The preceding is an excerpt from InfoTrends/CAP Ventures’ research report entitled Outdoor Graphics - Not Just for Sign Shops Anymore. The complete document is available immediately. To learn more about the report or to make a purchase, please contact Alison Hipp at , ext. 126 or .


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