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Xerox ColorQube: Breaking New Ground in Office Color Printing

Xerox ColorQube: Breaking New Ground in Office Color Printing

Approximately two years since the original launch of the ColorQube products, Xerox has announced the latest version of its solid ink-based Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) platform. The ColorQube 9200 MFP was a groundbreaking product—not only for Xerox, but for the rest of the industry—because it made high-performance, high quality color affordable for the office workgroup. As a milestone product, InfoTrends believes it is important to review market activity over the past 18 months to gauge the success of the ColorQube program.

This document takes a look at the original ColorQube 9200’s performance to provide insight on overall market reaction, measure success relative to Xerox and market projections, as well as determine how the ColorQube platform has influenced the office workgroup market. At the same time, we will examine the new features and capabilities of the new ColorQube 9300 series to better understand future opportunities for Xerox’s solid ink technology.

The basis for this analysis comes from our own insights into the office imaging market, direct feedback from Xerox and its channel partners, as well as our own conversations with a number of Xerox ColorQube customers.


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