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TransPromo Offerings Helping Print Service Providers Obtain Loyal Customers

(Weymouth, MA) September 11, 2008 . . . The graphic communications marketplace is crowded, and competition can be fierce. Print service providers are challenged to offer high-value-added services to meet customer demands for more relevant, efficient, and effective communications. TransPromo communications can have a major impact on marketing effectiveness, and many marketers are seeking print service providers that have this capability. Because TransPromo campaigns deliver the improved and measurable return on investment that marketers are chasing, print service providers that are able to effectively sell TransPromo will enjoy the benefits of a sustained, loyal customer base.

Many print service providers are quick to see the benefits of offering these services and believe that they can sell them. Nevertheless, document owners still require education on the benefits that TransPromo communications can provide and the best ways to overcome factors that may inhibit migration. InfoTrends has released a report entitled Customized Communications: TransPromo that outlines the benefits that TransPromo affords marketers to assist print service providers in the selling process.

An important point to communicate is that TransPromo communications offer more than the ability to place a marketing message on a statement. They also enable your clients to re-engage a known customer in a dialogue based on past services and products purchased, or to extend a relationship and affiliation with an organization. TransPromo communications are designed to meet a variety of marketing and operational objectives. Chances are that any given client could use a lift in one of the following areas:

  • Building loyalty and trust
  • Cross-selling relevant products and services
  • Educating the recipient about the company, its products and services, and other important issues
  • Improving cash flow by focusing attention on key account information
  • Reducing costs associated with direct-marketing call centers (migrating a portion of customer concerns to the Web could be a possible solution)
  • Reinforcing their brand
  • Retaining clients or reactivating dormant relationships

InfoTrends Director Laureen Chudzinski commented, “Print service providers can encourage existing clients to use TransPromo communications by educating them about the benefits of cross-selling and up-selling by transforming mundane invoices into dynamic marketing vehicles. Explaining how they can broker the “white space” to additional local complimentary businesses to offset the cost of production and mailing will add an extra incentive.”

In addition to providing insight into the benefits that TransPromo affords marketers, Customized Communications: TransPromo provides a definition of TransPromo communications, introduces the technology available on the market today, discusses the needs of document owners, and outlines new revenue opportunities. It also provides examples of applications and strategies for identifying and selling Customized Communications in different market segments.

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