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InfoTrends Study Confirms That Increased Use of Camera Phones Will Not Detract from Digital Still Camera Activity

(Weymouth, MA) September 03, 2008 . . . Despite the speculation that an uptick in camera phone usage could overtake digital still cameras for general picture taking, sharing, and printing, a new study from InfoTrends entitled U.S. Camera Phone End-User Survey Research: 2008 indicates that this is not the case. While today’s consumers are taking more pictures with their camera phones, the research in this study confirms that increased use of camera phones will not cannibalize digital camera ownership and use.

InfoTrends’ Senior Research Analyst Carrie Sylvester commented, “The camera phone is a complimentary product to the digital still camera (DSC), not a competitive one. In fact, camera phones have the potential to encourage consumers to engage in more and different types of photography without detracting from their use of other cameras.”

In-line with Sylvester’s point of view, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents who own both a digital still camera and a camera phone reported that their DSC usage (pictures taken, saved, and printed) has stayed the same or increased since they acquired a camera phone. Giving even more credence to this theory is the fact that more than 60% of the respondents who own a camera phone but not a DSC reported that owning the camera phone has had no effect on their plans to purchase a DSC. In fact, a little more than a quarter stated that they plan to buy a DSC sooner because of their camera phone experience, while only 15% indicated that having the camera phone has caused them to delay the purchase of a DSC.

Although respondents stated that they would use their camera phones more frequently if the image quality were improved, the vast majority affirmed that even then they would not use their digital camera any less often. Interestingly, only 16% of respondents believed that they would use their DSC less if the image quality of their camera phone was equal to that of a standard DSC. This is good news for vendors, as they can respond to consumers’ desire for improved image quality without fear of losing profits on the DSC side.

In addition to shedding light on the photographic behaviors of camera phone users, U.S. Camera Phone End-User Survey Research: 2008 provides insight into camera phone ownership and usage, satisfaction with features, purchase motivators, mobile Web interest and use, and more. This information is extremely useful for vendors in creating their product development and marketing strategies.

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