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InfoTrends Explores the Digital Imaging Behaviors of Moms

(Weymouth, MA) August 12, 2008 . . . It is undeniable that children are drivers of all digital imaging activity. A recent InfoTrends study revealed that moms tend to take, print, and share more photos than the general population. In fact, mothers with children under age 12 reported taking 35% more digital camera photos than the general survey population.

Mette Eriksen, Director of InfoTrends’ Digital Photography Service, commented, “Moms represent a very active consumer segment in the digital imaging space. There are significant differences in their digital imaging habits when compared to other consumers. Vendors must pay attention to these variations to develop effective marketing and product development strategies.”

To provide further insights on this important market segment, InfoTrends is releasing a series of reports that examine the different digital imaging behaviors of moms, defined as women between 25 and 44 years of age with children under 12. As there are nearly 30 million moms ages 25-44 with children of all ages in the U.S., this group represents a substantial base of potential customers for vendors. Survey data is cut from broader studies that InfoTrends conducts in the digital imaging space. Where appropriate, the reports include direct comparisons between all survey respondents and those respondents who qualified as mothers of children under age 12 to further illuminate the differences between the two groups.

The first report in the series, Spotlight on Moms: Online Photo Services, takes a closer look at InfoTrends’ 2008 Online Photo Services Survey, focusing on data related to mothers. This study was structured to closely examine the primary activities of uploading, viewing, and printing photos online. While the average number of digital photos printed every 3 months was 34 for all respondents, this number shot to more than 60% for moms with children under 12. What’s more, the survey revealed that moms are less likely than other consumers to print at home and significantly more likely than others to embrace retail methods including online net-to-retail and net-to-mail options.

Another report in the series, Spotlight on Moms: Videography, confirms that differences in the behavior of this market segment are not limited to digital still photos. While the average length of videos shot with a camcorder was around 20 minutes for the general population, this number rose to nearly 40 minutes for mothers of children ages 7-11. Children in this age group are more likely to be partaking in dance recitals, sporting events, family vacations, and other events where their parents will want to shoot videos for an extended time. This report offers thought-provoking data on moms’ videography habits in relation to camera phones, camcorders, and digital cameras.

To provide a complete picture, InfoTrends plans to release additional “Spotlight on Moms” reports on topics such as digital camera ownership and usage and home and retail photo printing throughout the year. The Online Photo Services and Videography reports are available immediately for purchase.

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