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Variable Data Printing Presents Significant Market Opportunity for Print Service Providers

(Weymouth, MA) June 19, 2008 . . . According to a new report from InfoTrends entitled Entry-Level VDP, statistics show that in both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) environments, audiences prefer personalized and relevant content in business and marketing communications. In a world where the average consumer is bombarded by some 3,000 marketing messages daily, targeted and personalized printed communications can significantly improve audience response and enhance the overall fulfillment of business objectives.

In direct marketing, even the simple use of a recipient’s name and address with minimal variable imagery (perhaps based on known demographics such as age or region of the country) can facilitate a successful campaign. With a quality data source and the strategic segmenting of messaging to target specific groups within a defined audience, response rates and campaign results improve dramatically.

According to Laureen Chudzinski, a Director at InfoTrends, “One-to-one communications deliver the kind of proven results that marketers are looking for and offer an important value-added service that your business can leverage to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and increase the value that you bring to your customers.”

Current technology is tearing down the barriers to adoption of variable data strategies. Barriers have historically included cost, complex implementation, and risk. You can now take advantage of this growing market demand by implementing an Entry-Level VDP offering, leaving the door open to increase the sophistication of that offering over time. This presents a way to gain a foothold in the more lucrative value-added marketing supply-chain as you transition from a print service provider to a marketing services provider.

Entry-Level VDP provides a definition of entry-level variable data printing and identifies the market opportunity for print service providers. It discusses the needs of document owners in the In-Plant/CRD and Commercial market segments, and outlines the opportunity for print service providers. It also provides examples of variable data applications and a representative listing of entry-level variable data solutions.

For more information about the report or to make a purchase, visit our online store or contact Jennifer Skerrett at +1 ext. 111 or via e-mail at

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