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Scanning in Consumer Environment Shifting to Multifunctional Devices

(Weymouth, MA) May 27, 2008 . . . According to a new report from InfoTrends entitled U.S. Consumer Imaging End-User Scanner Survey: 2008, the trend toward using multifunctional devices with scanning capabilities for scanning is becoming as prevalent in the consumer environment as it is among business users. When asked to describe their primary scanner (i.e., the one they used the most), nearly 85% of survey participants indicated an all-in-one (AIO) device of some kind. Survey participants were also asked to identify the type of scanner that they would most likely purchase if they did not have a scanner and were planning to buy one. All-in-one devices with scanning capabilities were the clear favorite, capturing nearly three quarters of the responses.


In addition, owners of all-in-one devices were asked why they would choose to use an all-in-one scanner over a single-function device. The most common responses were that all-in-ones are easier to use, faster, or offer better image quality. Multifunctional devices with scanning capabilities have helped breathe new life into this market because they can also be used for printing, copying, or faxing. As time goes on, InfoTrends expects to see an increasing focus on MFPs that incorporate scanning capabilities.

InfoTrends’ report U.S. Consumer Imaging End-User Scanner Survey: 2008 provides an in-depth analysis of the findings of our 2008 U.S. consumer imaging end-user scanner survey, conducted in early February 2008. In compiling this study, we hoped to gain a greater understanding of the trends among consumers of images and all-in-one devices in terms of demographics, usage, feature importance, and future purchasing intentions. In addition to considering the habits and perceptions of current scanner owners, this document also provides some insight about consumers who do not currently own or use scanning devices.

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