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Technology Advancements Expected to Fuel the Inkjet Printer Market

(Weymouth, MA) April 23, 2008 . . . According to a new report from InfoTrends entitled New Technology Developments May Boost Inkjet Printer Market, inkjet printers have become a prevalent device in U.S. households and offices, with a 2007 installed base of nearly 124 million units. It is a mature and saturated market, but there are opportunities for growth under the right circumstances.

According to David Haueter, an Associate Director at InfoTrends, “There is a huge installed base in the market, and sales are expected from consumers buying new models to replace broken printers, printers that no longer produce prints of acceptable quality, and devices for which it has become too difficult to find ink cartridges. This will help offset the declines resulting from market maturity.”

Inkjet printer manufacturers have attempted to generate growth in the past by converting general-purpose printers and all-in-ones into “photo-centric” models with the addition of features such as onboard memory-card readers, LCDs, and PictBridge capability. Riding the coattails of the digital camera market was good while it lasted, but due to the slowing of growth in digital camera sales, increased market saturation of photo-centric models, and the shift in digital photo printing volume from home to retail, the home printer market is once again facing the challenge of flat and even declining sales.

That may change over the next year, however, as technology developments are on the way. Memjet and Brother plan to introduce products that promise to dramatically increase print speeds while retaining print quality and allow for a competitive selling price. In addition, HP has already made page-width printing technology available in its product line with its scalable printing technology called “Edgeline.”

This report takes a close look at the technology behind these new products and discusses possible market implications. It also examines the extent to which consumers are engaging in home photo printing and provides forecast numbers for several inkjet devices. In addition, the report provides insight into consumer preferences in regard to inkjet printers.

This report is available immediately for purchase. To obtain more information or to make a purchase, visit our online store or contact Robyn Wuori at ext. 109, or via e-mail at .

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